Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boiled Brain Can Hardly Write

Sitting in the shelter from the worst of the heat of summer. It has been 38 degrees all day and Sweat trickles down the body like tickling flies. Just keep drinking water and going into the tank for a bit of total immersion. Ah, to sit still and feel the coolness begin to penetrate the skin. To watch the wasps drink thirstily at eye-level. Laundry takes about 15 minutes to dry!

Isabella came to stay.

Here are some pictures of the studio with shade netting and weed barrier in the outside eating area, to keep the dust down. Looks and feels great. And the inside is so cool. It's a huge relief to go inside. I've been letting other people have the pleasure of staying in it and it is POPULAR! Even the cold shower.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And Suddenly It's Summer

Yup, the heat is on - in the thirties up here on the hill. The landscape turns to tan and caramel as the hay gets taken off and the vegetation dies back. Already the cork is being taken off the trees and big round bales of straw dot the fields.

We took Isabella and Layla to the agricultural show in Santiago and saw lots of horses and donkeys.

They are so soft and cute.

My studio is nearly ready for the first guests who are arriving on Thursday. Exciting. The futon base and mattress are in place and the kitchen area outside is more or less sorted and I have built a shower under a young cork tree.

The garden is looking rather wild and woolly. I need to cut the grass and weed the beds. I am thinking that it all needs a complete overhaul and an irrigation system put in which uses less water and is more efficient. I also need to either put cardboard or weed suppressant down to stop the dang chickens from scruffing up all the seedlings... grrr

Olivia playing with water on a very hot day... inside.