Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Have I Finished Building?

It feels like a major break-through to have finished this tiny little addition. Seemed to take forever, but I am pleased with the result. It is cool when it's hot out and I made the floor using a more liquid cob, rather than rammed earth. That is so much quicker to do, but you need patience to wait for it to dry out.

The clay I used is from the pond hole I'm digging, where there is a patch of grey shaley clay, so the building looks like it's been white washed where it hasn't. I have painted the inside walls and it looks really fresh.

Now I am digging out the passage to it from the front door and using the earth to build an outdoor kitchen, and a bit of landscaping. I love to put the plants in and the flat stones. Can't wait to make the pond!

The Iron Bed

I have the pleasure of Olivia's company once or twice a week. She loves to pick flowers in the garden, of which there are many at the moment. Lavender, sage, roses, daisies, and other things I don't even know the names of. I love my garden! There are also lots of peas, broad beans, lettuce, cabbage,  strawberries,etc. Some onions are ready, the broccoli, courgettes nearly.... The potatoes are big and bushy.

As for the chickens.... grrr . They still find a way in sometimes.
Bonnie Playing Pirates with Oli 

Some of the flowers
Cork tree at sunset

The fields are full of flowers. No room for cereal here!

Life is good despite invading chickens.