Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rather a wet start to the Merry Month of May

This is an orchid. They are everywhere. So sexy and strange.

We are having a very strange start to May. Heavy rain comes, almost without warning, from navy blue skies. The sound is tremendous on the tin roof. Bonnie gets up and barks at the ceiling and then cuddles up to me for reassurance. R dashes out between downpours to bale out various holes in the ground, which are then filled by the time he has returned to the house. In the village people are beginning to look a bit grim. 'Chega' (enough) is what I hear and I agree.

The garden is sodden. The grass grows long and lush. Beans sown last week have emerged and look happy enough , but the strawberries, although huge, are going rotten.  I have to pick them before they are ripe.  The fig tree has huge figs on it. I wonder if they will burst when the sun finally comes out in full strength?

There is a riot of red sweet peas trying to smother the fig tree. and the artichoke is towering over the garden like a triffid.  The grape growing in front of the house is laden with baby grapes. I reckon it will bring down the (rather flimsy) structure I put up last year for it to grow up and finally give us some shade.

Today I have lit the fire and am spinning and knitting. I give up...

These photos look sunny because when it does clear (and it does sometimes) it is hot and balmy and beautiful. Last week it was 29 degrees one day. 

There is a bit of a lawn!

Olivia dressing up in old beads and baubles.

The amazing garden Sophie and I went to visit near Cercal 'Lugar do Olhar'. Feliz'. It is well worth a visit if you are interested in serious gardening. They have bushes and trees and climbers from all over the world, all of which either produce fruit, scent or taste, including ginger, guava, tea and an enormous collection of citrus trees. The small guava bushes I have, started off as fruit given to me from this garden. I love that.