Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nightingale on the Roof

The birds. They are so wonderful. A strange call and a clumping on the tin roof, then the sweet chant of a nightingale the other morning. The golden orioles are beginning to swoop and whoop and whistle in the trees.

And the good news is that I am now a grandmother for the third time. Sarah was born on Sunday.

We have had a cool showery spring. Stuff grows. Fast. Beans and strawberries, peas and lettuce, carrots and celery.... Potatoes are ready for earthing up.

And in the fields are full of flowers, chamomile, vetch, bugloss, cornflower, buttercup, daisy, gladioli, and others that I don't know the names of.

New wider terraces  
 We had a wwoofer, Jan, who dug over the old terraces and made some new ones. Thank you Jan!

And then there were five :)