Thursday, April 6, 2017

April Update

Tulips by the door. Lovely spring colours. I planted a jasmin by the compost loo which wafts sweet smells in the evening. (The compost loo is not smelly, btw).

I haven't done any more to the extension, yet. Building up my strength to tackle the trench. It won't take long when I'm in the right mood. I am still considering going up a level, but that feels very far away and almost too exciting to think about!

Meanwhile, I have neighbours! Rosa and Raquel are living up in the top house and it is nice to see a light on in the evening, and to say hello on passing. They have done some mounding up of potatoes and dug over one of the terraces. I had planted chickpeas but they looked too weedy to be worth it, so we will sow ordinary peas instead. All good nitrogen fixers.

The artichoke is a major feature in the garden these days. Oh, and there are strawberries ripe in the strawberry patch! Delicious.