Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Understanding Everest

I had the two elder granddaughters to stay. So much fun. Playing with water pistols and a tiny inflatable paddling pool. We could get really deliciously wet in the extreme heat. Isabella is quite a dab hand at photos. Here are a couple she took that I was hardly aware of.

Oops, I look a bit grumpy there! Probably expecting the water pistol!

I have been getting on with cobbing my kitchen. Sometimes it feels a bit like Everest. I actually prefer to work alone for the moment in this new room, as there are a lot of things to think about at this level. Windows and the cold cupboard and shelves for storage. I found some big floor tiles that fit the cold space exactly. They make perfect shelves.

It doesn't look like much but I am on the fourth 'row' of mud. Yesss!

Also, today I began the earth floor in Gail's house. We decided not to use any sand (because it had been scattered by dogs and some of it has been used for cat litter tray). Instead we used fresh and fairly fresh horse shit. In this weather it is dry nearly as soon as it hits the ground, but boy oh boy does it make a good mix!

We mixed it in the wheelbarrow so that it was easy to pour into the designated area, which consists of two pieces of lath, (ripas) set a distance apart and amazingly enough, quite level!

A scrummy texture that went on a treat. We wet the floor well before putting it down and made sure that the mix was not too wet. We had to stop as it was getting too hot outside to sieve the earth. Take note: Prepare your materials in advance! Gail has put shade netting over the roof which makes it really fine to work inside.

So it's all stations go for the moment. The vege garden survives and is producing scarlet runner beans and some tomatoes are nearly ready. A regular supply of strawberries for breakfast (and the blackbirds get some). I will have a good harvest of blueberries from one bush, this year.

It feels unusually hot which makes it hard to work much. Siestas and cold vinho verde in the evenings. Yeah!

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