Saturday, November 23, 2013

Suddenly, It's Winter

The other morning When I got up, it was 4 degrees outside! No frost for us, but other folk in deep dells got frost. It has warmed up a bit since then, and during the day it's between 10 and 15 which isn't too bad. Today, it stayed cold and it rained, so Bonnie and I just stayed in bed til 11 am! That is quite rare for me.

Still, when it's not raining and cloudy you get days like this

I took Bonnie to the sea side.

On Thursday I went for my second day of a horse and human workshop... I don't quite know what to call it, but it was great! Gail was using me and Naomi as guinea pigs for a course she will do next year. The intention is to get closer to the horse and yourself. It's not about 'let's just get up on one and ride off into the sunset.' We did some exercises with blindfolds which I found really exciting and eye-opening.

Naomi did get up on her horse, in the end. This was for the first time. My horse, Mr T, is a Shetland and I didn't think it would be appropriate... and he is only two so still a bit young for hefty grannies!

I've been doing a bit of drawing, using my favourite medium, pastel.

And finally, I go to Faro to pick up the man! After three months away. I have swept the floors and tried to put away the build up which happens in solitary living.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Autumn Chores

I finally went down to the chestnut trees and found the floor covered in chestnut husks holding onto their nuts... Ouch, they are prickly. I picked a bucket full. I think that a lot of them have been invaded by a worm, but I will try and preserve some. It is very lovely down in the trees. They are so tall, you wouldn't believe it looking from the top. The sun was low in the sky and slanting through the brown
ing leaves. 

Of course, Bonnie came too. She slept on my jersey and I carried her up on top of the full bucket afterwards.

The greenhouse, with Laura modelling her baby wrap. It's a long strip of stretchy stuff which you wrap around yourself and then pop the baby in. It's very comfy, I had a go the other day.

The plants in the greenhouse seem to like it in there. I have put in a stray tomato seedling and a small pepper plant.  I have also put in lettuce seeds in some potting compost cos it's 25 degrees there, everyday. Surely they will grow?

I have been digging and putting in cabbage seedlings, and spinach, and lamb's lettuce, etc. The weather has been delightful.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meet Bonnie!

Here is the latest member of the family! Bonnie, six weeks old and so sweet and bonnie. She already keeps the chickens off the patio. She comes from the cafe at Ribeira do Salto so she is a local dog.

This is a very happy dancing carrot I pulled out of the ground!

Along with all the excitement of getting a dog, I have also been building a green house. It is the structure furtherest away. I used up old bits of rebar and chicken wire and bought some plastic sheeting to drape over it, then put shade netting over it . The door that I had made for the first bender fits for this structure. The cost for this green house - 20€. The temperature during the day in side has been about 27 degrees C when it has been 18 outside. I have put my house plants and other heat loving plants in there, like the coffee plant, some banana trees, a pineapple that has got a new shoot on it (Yes, that's exciting, too!) I want to be able to walk in there and inhale that glorious smell that green houses have, of plant breath!

I never get tired of watching the beautiful unfurling of the day, up here on the hill top, so here is another misty sunrise. Look how green the land has become.

In the garden I have peas and broad beans coming up. And garlic, red onions, leeks, cabbages, and a few potatoes. The guava bush has lots of fruit which I have to get to before the birds do if I want to eat the fruit! The strawberries are still producing and I shall make a much bigger, more fertile bed for them as they obviously do very well here. The carrots continue to amaze, but I haven't had much luck getting more to germinate.

Laura is looking so well and being a great mummy to her two lovely girls.

R will be back by the end of the month. I'm looking forward to that. I hope he likes my little 'rug rat', Bonnie!