Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The Studio

Finally, the compost loo is beginning to take shape. Now I just have to put on a roof. I thought to use old clay roof tiles as we have a few left from what was a ruin (which is now our tin-roofed shack). They work really well and are easy to put up. No need for insulation or ventilation in this little room as it will be cool and airy anyway. Just have to fix a few rafters and ripas.

I am beginning to pave the front bit with flat stones that I find on my walks and when I am digging in the garden. There are quite a lot in one part of the garden which must have been the floor of a house a long time ago. I find it very humbling when I dig through old foundations, to find so little left of the previous dwellers. The odd bit of broken clay pot and little else. No old shoes, or plastic anything.

I have planted a couple of vines and a scented jasmine-type climber beside the poles in the hope they will grow and create beautiful shade in the summer, and where I have been digging the clay for the building there is a hole which I have decided will become a small pond. I hope the sun will reflect off the water and shine onto the walls of the studio.

Unfortunately, it started to rain yesterday, while I was still in bed, and the sound of it drove me down to the site to cover the new walls in some plastic. In my pijamas and rubber cloggy things. I slipped. Did something very painful to my left wrist. I managed to stagger back up to the house and be rather pathetic. So no work for a few days. It stopped raining soon after I got back up, and it always sounds worse than it is on the tin roof.... It's not easy being patient. I can't even crochet! Or drive!!

I am glad for a bit of rain as I have already begun watering the young plants and mulching with straw. There has been a very drying, cold wind for a long time, but now all the fruit trees are bursting into flower and the birds are getting busy. I have been giving the fruit trees a bucket of well rotted compost each to give them strength. The home made compost is beautiful stuff. I just love this happy season of chaotic abundance.

The Shack

Monday, March 2, 2015

A little bit of Spring in the air

The winter seemed to last forever, this year. Always putting on coat and scarf AND gloves! But now, at last the days are warming up. The trees are beginning to blossom and the birds are going crazy. Who doesn't love Spring?
I have been quite busy building the compost loo and getting the garden going, planting more potatoes, and other stuff, away from the farm.

 I have got up to head height now and built in two bottle niches. I am plastering as I go, at least on the inside. It dries with a few thin cracks which I rub out while it is still soft. Love working with mud. Makes me feel so good!

I have been dabbling in oils and this was hard, trying to get all the whites and greys. But great to do. To get lost in form and colour.

Of course, the real thing is beautiful. Calendula and lavender from the garden.

 Last weekend I went with Laura and Olivia to Evora countryside to babysit while Laura did her doula thing. Olivia started to say my name... Bangy! Love it!

It's good to go and see a slightly different landscape and meet new people. It's great to come home to a very happy little dog!