Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Drip irrigation being drippy

I don't know why it has taken me so long to get round to actually getting a drip irrigation system up and running.

 I guess it was too hot. Every time I was down in the garden thinking ok let's do it today, I'd find that I didn't have the right connectors or tools at hand.

And that uphill walk to the tool shed is no joke when it's over 35 degrees Celsius.

Well, anyway, finally, on an unusually cool day, I finally got the pipes, the drill bit, the drill, the plumber's tape, the taps, and everything else ready.

I had even dug some beds and put in the lovely goat manure.

Joined it all together and Hey presto!

Water spouting all over the place...

woops, not so much pressure! It works.

The beans are coming up and the peppers and cabbages love it. So do the dang chickens, who have found a way through the fence which I haven't discovered...

Now I understand how it works I will improve what I have and enlarge it for next summer's plantings.

It is definitely a water saver and much less stressful. ( I have a thing about running water...)

I have also started on clearing and leveling ground for the new chicken house. That's not going to happen in a hurry. The ground is like concrete!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer time blues

This heat is beginning to get to me.
The walls are hot. The floor is hot. The car is like a cooker. The earth is baked hard and cracking. It did actually rain a little the other night but it made not a jot of difference, except the solar panels and the car looked a bit less dusty. I am dreaming of rain and wellies and lighting the fire.

It's so nice when good friends come and visit and drag me off to relax by cool water under the leafy trees by the 'secret' pools. We spent a whole afternoon being lazy and eating fruit and occasionally slithering into the water to refresh.

The garden is almost bare, just a few tomatoes, which are looking rather good, and some peppers and strawberries and the odd cabbage. I am getting ready to put in a few lines of drip irrigation to see if it works better than standing with a hose. Now that the beds have goat manure dug into them stuff should grow...

I am inspired by a photo I saw of a pod bed room and think I would like to make one on the other side of the studio... but I do have a chicken house to build first. When the weather has cooled a little I will get the stones and then throw one up. I am hoping that someone may come and volunteer with me and help.

Meanwhile, we just have to sweat it out.