Sunday, October 25, 2015

Head in the clouds. Feet in the mud.

Clouds. Lovely, bumptious, big, billowy, clouds. I have missed them this long hot summer.

And work is slow at Billy's place. The bedroom outside wall is done and the gravel put down for the earth floors.

There's work to be done.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Early Autumn Update

No more guests in the studio so I put the futon back as a sofa and lay down on it and looked up at the roof and felt very content!

Since the slight cooling off of the sun I have been able to do a bit of landscaping around the studio. I decided that the hole I thought to turn into a pond could go. Much better to have room to sit in the shade of the olive tree and enjoy the view.

I have taken off the shade netting and plan to put up a more solid, waterproof roof. That means getting the drill and fooling around with screws and saws... I am not very patient about that kind of work. So it will take some time.

I beat the carpet really thoroughly. It was very dusty. Now the room smells neutral and lovely.

The guava tree and the bush are both producing delicious fruit. One gives red fruit and the other yellow. The birds don't know that it is tasty so there are plenty to snack on when I walk through the garden.

The chestnuts and the olives are ready at the same time!!!

Here is a picture to show the work I am doing on Billy's house. I have got a bit further since this photo, but I am not going top speed. Sometimes it is good to work slowly and have time to think about what next. I am quite excited by the idea of building a clay fireplace. Why not? An iron one will cost more than 400€.
And clay will hold the heat well.

There have been some lush sunsets.

Some people ask me if I am frightened being up on the hill alone, but I don't even think about being frightened. I feel privileged. I have Bonnie!