Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Update

That cardboard box!

Dancing and dressing up

With Granny!

A month has passed and I haven't written here. What have I been doing?
Since the big downpour in October the ground has been soft and damp which is perfect for digging, so I tackled some of the narrow steep terraces. I dug them over and put horse manure and straw over them then wrapped them in weed barrier, ready to plant in later. That felt good, but now I need to get more manure.

I have been slowly adding to the walls in the mud house in the village. Cob takes a long time to dry in the winter, especially since the extension is on the non sunny side of the house (in the winter it gets a little morning sun and then it's over). But that's alright as it gives me time to think about the whole place.

Blue bottle niches in the bathroom

Interior wall between bathroom and bedroom


The vegetable garden is now looking green and full of slugs eating lettuce, chard and cabbage.... I must take down a bag of salt and make a bucket for killing them... sorry but I have to. And quite a lot of caterpillars too. I have to keep checking and smearing them to death.

The vegetable garden

Cactus flower in studio

Spinning mohair

It's like spinning clouds