Friday, November 18, 2016

The Pumpkin that got Away

It's a bit annoying, but normal, for pigs to wander free at this time of year. Their diet is supplemented by the acorns from the many oak trees that grow in abundance on the hills here. They got into my garden and I was very sad to notice that the one and only HUGE pumpkin, that was almost too big to lift, had gone.
I've been closing the gates to the garden now. While I was digging over a new bed for onions I noticed a big round thing lurking in the brambles by the fence.
Pumpkin! It's a beauty.
The cob workshop was a huge success. The workshopees were lovely and it was  great fun to show how and to join in and to listen to the group as they became experts, themselves. Building with mud is such a peaceful occupation. Very tactile. In fact it includes all the senses in such a gentle way. There are no noisy engines, just the noise of wellies stomping mud!
The workshop was for four days, but we have continued and after about 15 days of work we are nearly at the top. I say 'we' but I have not been doing so much. It has been so great to see cob builders bloom and grow, and see walls get higher, windows and bottles in, roof plans beginning to become reality. The weather has been very kind, too.

Now we are nearing the end of November and I have been neglecting my garden, so I intend to turn some ground and get in peas, beans, garlic, onions and potatoes. There's a nice big pile of sheep shit waiting for me to haul down the hill.
 Oh an R is returning from his Northern sojourn, so we can cosy up by the fire and share stories.
And finally, I hear rain pitter-pattering. We need it