Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December update

The winter days whizz by. I have been busy organizing and doing other stuff so the garden has been sadly neglected, but the other day I managed to dig over a couple of terraces and plant garlic, beans, potatoes and peas. Today I dug over the old strawberry bed and put the plants back in, with weed barrier and irrigation tubes hidden under the stuff. Looks very organized. Let's hope they like it. They were really tasty this year.

The artichoke is huge already.

The bees love this blue flowering bush. It was humming today.

The house being renovated in Sao Luis is very nearly ready. James is doing a fantastic job of building a kitchen.

I have started to paint the front door a dark orange-red.

The computer is not charging so I will have to stop now. The man is back and we are looking forward to the festive season. All is well.

Oh, and I'm knitting rabbits using handspun wool and olive wood knitting needles.