Wednesday, January 11, 2017

News From The Hill

A new year. The days have been warm and mild so I have continued widening the terraces on the hill-side and planting stuff.

The broad beans and garlic are coming up fast. Peas on the next level with potatoes.

Oh, look what is coming down the side of the hill... Is it a digger... I wonder what that is going to do?

Aha! Now you know. I decided that the outdoor kitchen would be better indoors. So guess what I will be doing this year? Love mud!

While I've been digging the terraces and the garden I have been chucking all the stones I find into a bucket and then filling up a wheelbarrow and then taking them down to the site. Why not? My Scottish bit says 'it's free', and my quiet self enjoys the zen-like activity.

I am still knitting rabbits. They are so cute.


  1. Wow, Veronica, I really look forward to seeing the change that you're going to do with the studio! :) is the new fireplace working well? Btw, I love your blog. Can't believe it's been almost a year since I visited your place. Much love, Barbora from the Czech Republic

    1. Barbora, How lovely to hear from you!Thank you for your kind remarks.
      Are you coming over for a visit? You are very welcome. :) There will be mud...