Monday, August 7, 2017

Big Gratitude

You know that feeling when you are half way through a project and you think... OH OH what have I started? Well, I have waves of feelings like this, but then I trot round to the back of my round house and enter the kitchen-to-be and get excited again. It is a lot of work but I have been so lucky and blessed with volunteers who have loved to make cob.

I have reached the bedroom floor level and started to put in the upstairs windows.

And we built the stairs! They are so lovely. Solid cob, except for where we made niches. When you build niches with arches they are so strong. Putting the 'arch' back in architecture.

I hope to have a small balcony in front of the upstairs opening window. The room will not be full height as it is 'mezzanine'.

Marion did some plastering and tried bas relief work. I think she has done a lovely job.

I couldn't have got so far without these lovely earthy airy people. Big gratitude.

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  1. a real project made by real people... community work. congrats veronica! I'm sure that the final work will be lovely! <3